Australian Free Flight Society

Narrandera 2005

28th Annual Australian Free Flight Society Championships
World Cup - Open International for F1A, F1B and F1C

Narrandera, NSW 25 to 28 March 2005 (Easter)

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Dear Flyers,

A bit more information about the Easter Contest. (Posted on March 3)

1. We have had contact with the farmer and he reports that field no. 2 (Widgewa) will probably be either ploughed or have stubble so we should fly on Field no. 1.

Field no.1 is the government land for which we had to agree to several environmental conditions. The ones of main concern are that there is no camping allowed on the field and we are not allowed to drive all over the field (i.e. use motorised retrieval).

The no-motorised retrieval is a problem - most of us have made use of cars at some times when it has been windy - but it is a condition for use of the field. Pushbikes are pretty useful however and are both permitted and recommended.

2. Our competition starts under daylight saving but ends under Eastern Standard Time. Sunrise is at 0702 daylight saving time. This is not a problem on Friday with the 1000 start but it is too late for a 0700 start for F1A on Saturday. Check with the CD on Friday but we expect to start F1A at 0800.

On Sunday when we have put our clocks back an hour we will start at 0700 as listed in the program.

See you there,

AFFS Committee


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Meeting and Flying Venues

Competition Calendar : 2005


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Roy Summersby
Phone: 0413 588 720
eMail: roydi AT

Phil Mitchell
Phone: 0419 414 653
eMail: Phil.Mitchell AT

Leigh Morgan
Phone: 0419 385 274
email : leighmor AT

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Meeting and Flying Venues


Competition Calendars : 2005

New South Wales Free Flight Society (N.S.W.F.F.S.)

Date Event Time Venue
Jan 23 No Doc & Rubber Scale, Combined Mini (F1G, H & J), 1 Hr Scramble 7am-1pm Richmond
Feb 06 Combined Vintage, Precision, HLG & Catapult Glider 7am-1pm Richmond
Feb 20 Combined Open, P30, Gotch & Scale Rally 7am-1pm Richmond
Mar 5-6 Hunter Valley Champs - Muswellbrook
Mar 13 State Champs HLG & Catapult Glider, Vintage Rubber & Vintage Power 7am-1pm Richmond
Mar 25-28 AFFS Champs, Southern Cross Cup & State Champs-F1A,B,C, Open Power & Open Rubber - Narrandera
Apr 03 State Champs P30 & Campbell Scramble. Mentor Day* & BBQ 7am-1pm Richmond
Apr 17 Gotch,Combined %, Scale Rally 7am-1pm Richmond
May 01 Mini Vintage including KK(CSA etc), HLG & Catapult Glider, Combined %. 7am-1pm Richmond
May 14-15 Veterans Gathering - Muswellbrook
May 22 No Doc & Rubber Scale, Combined%, Precision. 7am-1pm Richmond
Jun 12 State Champs - 1Hr Scramble, Vintage Glider, Mini FAI - F1G,H & J 7am-1pm Richmond
Jun 19 Russell Forth Scramble 8am-9am Illawarra
Jun 26 Scale State Champs F/F & Control Line,BBQ Lunch 7am-1pm Richmond
Jul 8-14 58th Nationals (Inc Indoor State Champs) - Richmond Area
Aug 07 Fun Fly & Control Line Day, Gotch, 1Hr Scramble, BBQ Lunch. Mentor Day* 7am-1pm Richmond
Aug 21 Mini Vintage including KK(CSA etc.), Combined% HLG & Catapult Glider 7am-1pm Richmond
Sep 11 P30, Combined Vintage. 7am-1pm Richmond
Sep 25 No Doc & Rubber Scale, Combined Open, Gotch. 7am-1pm Richmond
Oct 09 1Hr Scramble,Combined%,P30. 7am-1pm Richmond
Oct 23 Fun Fly & Control Line Day, 1/2Hr Campbell Scramble. BBQ Lunch. Mentor Day* Mini Vintage inc KK (CSA etc.) 7am-2pm Richmond
Nov 06 Precision, Gotch, Combined%. 7am-1pm Richmond
Nov 20 Mills Trophy Scramble 7am-8am Illawarra
Nov 27 Combined FAI (A,B,C,G,H,J), HLG & Catapult Glider 7am-1pm Richmond
Dec 10 Presentation Dinner - TBA
Dec 18 1Hr Scramble, Combined Vintage, P30 7am-1pm Richmond


Competition Calendars : 2005

South Australia Free Flight Group (S.A.F.F.G.)

Date Event Flights Venue
15/01/05 F1A, Open Power, P30, HLG/CLG Marong Gala Marong
16/01/05 F1B, F1C, P30, HLG/CLG    
17/01/05 Vint. Rubber, Vint. Glider, HLG/CLG    
06/02/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai
20/02/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai
06/03/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai
  PMAC HLG Trophy best 3 from 6  
13/03/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai
  Combined FAI 5 flights  
20/03/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai
  PMAC Open Glider Trophy 3 flights  
25 to 28/03/2005 Australian Free Flight Society Championships AFFS Champs Narrandera
29 and 30/03/2005 Southern Cross Cup NSW State Champs Narrandera
03/04/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai
  Combined FAI 5 flights  
16/04/05 8am start Rounds 1 -7 F1A; 9am start Oz Diesel, P30 SA State Champs Bordertown
17/04/05 8am start Rounds 1 -7 F1B, F1C; 9am start Comb Vint,Comb. Open    
18/04/05 8am start Rounds 1 -5 Comb Mini; 12.00 CLG/HLG    
23 to 25/04/2005 Vic State Champs, Springhurst VFFS State Champs Springhurst
01/05/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai
  Comb. Vintage 3 flights  
15/05/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai
  PMAC Open Rubber Trophy 3 flights  
23/05/05 to 28/05/05 World Championships   Argentina
05/06/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai
  Bill Saville Lightweight Open Rubber Trophy 3 flights  
19/06/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai
  Dave Anderson Open Power Trophy 3 flights  
  Comb. Mini 3 flights  
03/07/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai
  Oz Diesel 3 flights  
8th July 2005 Australian National Championships Richmond NSW  
15th July 2005 (program to be advised)    
17/07/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai
  Oz Diesel 3 flights  
  Combined FAI 5 flights  
07/08/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai
  P30 3 flights  
  Comb. Mini 3 flights  
21/08/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai
  Open Power 3 flights  
04/09/05 Lawie Kelsalls "Fly In" 3 flights Monarto
11/09/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai
  Oz Diesel 3 flights  
  Comb. Vintage 3 flights  
18/09/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai
  Comb. Mini 3 flights  
01/10/05 Combined Open 3 flights Bordertown
02/10/05 Combined FAI 3 flights Slow Down
  Oz Diesel 3 flights  
  CLG/HLG Best 3 from 6 flights  
03/10/05 Combined Mini 5 flights  
16/10/05 Combined %age Open 3 flights Cambrai

Note : All Cambrai contests are to start at 9 am. Last Cambrai contest flights to be launched before 4 pm


Competition Calendars : 2005

Brisbane Free Flight Society (B.F.F.S.)

FEB Sat 5th 12 noon Club Meeting plus “Show and Tell” at John Lewis’s
13th 8.00 am BBT Mass Scale Launch 8.00am Sharp
Club Day. All in Percentage, 3 flights, 1 model/entry, and multiple entries allowed. No HLG. Trimming, chatting, etc; Finish percentage at 12.00 noon, fly as long as you wish. (Remember it gets pretty hot on the field at this time of year, we don’t want too many long retrievals in the heat of the afternoon).
Queensland Cup Round 1
27th 8.00 am F1H State Champs *** 8.00 am to 1.00 pm
Queensland Cup Round 2
MAR 13th 7.00 am F1A State Champs *** 7.00 am to 2.00 pm
Queensland Cup Round 3
25th-30th EASTER – Narrandera Come and fly for six days on the biggest field ever, with top flyers attending from other parts of the world, don’t miss this one, the best free flight event in our part of the world. Support this event, and make Queenslands presence felt even more.
APR 3rd 8.00 am L Squared/100. State Champs ***
HLG State Champs ***
QDP, CLG. Campbell Scramble.
Open Rubber State Champs ***
Queensland Cup Round 4
17th 7.00 am 8.00 am Open Rubber State Champs Flyoff 7.00am ***
Marks Mini Madness. Combined F1G, H & J Five rounds. 8.00 am to 1.00 pm
Queensland Cup Round 5
MAY Sun 1st Club Day
Mon 2nd Club Day
15th 8.00 am P30 State Champs ***
CD: TBA 8.00 am to 1.00 pm
Queensland Cup Round 6
29th 8.00 am F1G State Champs ***
CD: TBA 8.00 am to 1.00 pm
Queensland Cup Round 7
JUN 5th Club Day
19th 7.00 am F1B State Champs ***
CD: TBA, 7.00am to 2.00pm
Queensland Cup Round 8
23rd Midday Club AGM at John Lewis’s. BYO.
JUL 3rd 8.00 am Big Bird Competition for F1G 8.00 am to 1.00 pm
CD: J de Visser
8th -14th MAAA National Champs WINDSOR. N.S.W
17th 7.00 am Scale State Champs ***<
CD: TBA 7.00am Start
Queensland Cup Round 9
31st 8.00 am F1J State Champs ***
CD: TBA 8.00am Start
Queensland Cup Round 10
AUG 14th Queensland Cup Round12
20th 12 noon Maryborough Gala Weekend – DAY ONE: Judging Sports Precision, Times to be advised. Other events to be advised
21st Maryborough Gala Weekend - DAY TWO: Sports Precision Trophy, Times to be advised. Other events to be advised.
SEP 10th Midday Club Meeting at John Lewis’. BYO
11th Club Day
18th 8.00 am Queensland Cup Round 13
OCT 2nd 8.00 am “No Frills” F1B Cup, sponsored by Allen Thomas
5 rounds, 8.00 am -1.00 pm
CD: A Thomas
23rd 8.00 am Start 8.00am finish 1.00pm
Queensland Cup Round 14
NOV 6th 8.00 am Queensland Cup Round15
27th 12 noon Club meeting & Christmas Party, venue/ host TBA


All contests will be flown to current FAI and MAAA rules, with the exceptions:

F1A and F1B State Championships will be flown to five rounds, with the option open to the flyer to fly a total of seven rounds for the purpose of qualifying for selection for international competition. The flyer shall nominate prior to the flight if it is for Team selection or Team selection / State Champs.

Queensland Cup

To promote flying of model classes of particular interest to individual members. Open to F1A, B and C and F1H,G and J.

Fourteen flights to be made over the season. Flights to be held on any Queensland Cup day. Any number of flights can be made on a particular day. Flight scores are to be lodged with the CD on the day, signed by the timekeeper. To add interest updated results will be emailed and/ or posted on the BFFS website. Trophies will be awarded to the successful participants, plus placings, dependent on entry numbers. A $10 entry fee will apply.


Vintage shall be flown for glider, rubber and power. Three flights for each class may be flown. The flight/s shall be made on any Queensland Cup day. Any number of flights or classes may be flown on a particular day. Other than the above variation, the contest shall be flown to current published MAAA rules. Bring your documentation.


Fly-offs are to be flown in conditions of little or no thermal activity, on a date mutually acceptable to the flyers, starting as early as possible after sunrise, and no later than 7.00am. This implies that very few if any fly-offs will occur on the day of the contest, due to the thermal activity at that time of day. The window to launch shall be ten minutes, the flight time unlimited.

Cancelled or Postponed Contests

Contests will only be cancelled or postponed on the field on the day.


Club Days

These are to encourage participation on non-contest days. Also may be used for any event that has been postponed.


Latest Competition Results


Competitions Archive


'Free Flight Down Under' - Newsletter of the A.F.F.S.

Taking out a subscription to 'Free Flight Down Under' the Newsletter of the Australian Free Flight Society is the best way to both stay informed on A.F.F.S. news and coming events. It also is a great source of interesting information about FF in Australia.

Further information is available from the editor Jeremy Woolley


Selected Reading

'Free Flight Quarterly'

"Free Flight Quarterly' (FFQ) has been born from the desire to have an international English language magazine devoted exclusively to Free Flight matters....FFQ ...aspires to be a truly international magazine, not only involved with the Australian Free Flight movement, but ready to open its pages to contributors from all countries." ...more

Free Flight Webring

Dedicated to the promotion of Free Flight Model Aviation: Indoor, Outdoor, Competition, Flying Aces Club, or just for fun. Any power is accepted: rubber, gas, electric or other. Not for non-flying modeling nor radio control; all sites must pertain to Free Flight.

The Wakefield International Cup : A history from 1911

by Charles Dennis Rushing

This [website] describes the history of the Wakefield International Cup, the first international trophy for aeromodelling competition. The history of the Cup can be traced back to the Wakefield Gold Cup presented by the then Sir Charles Wakefield in 1911 for a competition held at Crystal Palace, England. World War I intervened and this trophy was lost, but not forgotten.

In 1927 the Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers (SMAE) approached Lord Wakefield concerning the Cup and were offered a new trophy for international competition. This trophy was the present Wakefield International Cup and was first awarded at a competition in 1928. The SMAE developed the international competition up to 1951 when it was handed to the authority of the FAI and became the award for the rubber power category at the FAI World Free Flight Championships. ...more


Selected Organisations

Model Aeronautical Association of Australia (M.A.A.A)

M.A.A.A Official Rules : Free Flight

Victorian Model Aircraft Association (V.M.A.A)

V.M.A.A. Events Calendar

New South Wales Free Flight Society (N.S.W.F.F.S.)

Brisbane Free Flight Society (B.F.F.S.)

Fédération Aéronautiqe Internationale (FAI)
Sporting Code Section IV [ Free Flight ]

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Selected Suppliers

Australian in Alphabetical Order

Fly In Model Aircraft
Prop: Lawrie Kelsall
PO BOX 972, Murray Bridge, Sth Australia, 5253
Phone/Fax (618) 8532 2463 or email:

Free Flight Technology
Props: Vin and Leigh Morgan
644 Canning Street, North Carlton, Victoria, 3054
Phone/Fax (613) 9387 2531 email:

Pel-Aero Products
Prop: Peter Lloyd

Saturn Hobbies
Prop: Tony Cincotta

Sting Aero Products HLG, CLG
Prop: Len Surtees

and for general supplies...

Hawthorn Hobbies
Prop: Cliff McIver

International in Alphabetical Order

Aerodyne - Campell's Custom Kits

Modern Hand Launched Gliders

Old Timer, Catapult, and Towline Gliders

Rubber Powered Modern Rubber

Power Models Modern Power

Bob Holman Plans

FAI Model Supply

Flite Tech

Free Flight Supplies

Hand Launched Gliders

Paul and Ralph Bradley's Model Airplane Page

Peck Polymers

R/N 'Sports' Kits
R/N 'Old Timer' Kits
Penn Valley Hobby Center (Campbell Custom FF Kits)

Radical RC Free Flight kits incl. CLG, HLG
older site but better images

Sams Models