A.E.F.A. : Swan Hill, 2004

shill_04_group_2 shill_04_bill_hamilton_f16 shill_04_gregg_voak_tiger shill_04_010
Swan Hill 2004 Bill Hamilton: F16 Gregg Yoak: Tiger Moth Mike and Darin's C-160
shill_04_c160 shill_mike_darrin_c160 shill_04_trevor_doran_spit shill_04_014
Mike and Darin's C-160 Mike and Darin's C-160 Trevor Doran: Spitfire TBA
shill_04_015 shill_04_thermals shill_04_025 shill_04_023
The Pits Thermals anyone ? By Moonlight By Moonlight