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Australian users in the multimedia industry:


AAV Australia
AAV Australia: Recent productions
AAV New Zealand Limited

AAV Australia's world class research and development team has been responsible for the development of a number of new technologies to assist with the delivery our clients' projects.

Some of these major developments include the BRAT control system for programming the operation of Videodisc machines. The need for this control system began with Expo '88 with subsequent uses for a number of additional projects which were Videodisc based. The BRAT system has also been used in hospitals in cardiac catheter theatres and other X-ray procedures.

The SatLink digital distribution system was launched in 1994 and enables the delivery of twice daily news bulletins to all Ansett aircraft. Developed and built by AAV, SatLink was produced for the introduction of Ansett Air Show News. The system is activated from AAV's Control Centre in South Melbourne and uses satellite facilities to uplink information, however SatLink also accommodates fibre optic or MDS technologies.

Kinesis Telecine Enhancement System was developed in 1989 to provide an upgrade to existing film transfer technology at AAV. AAV holds world patents over the design features of the Kinesis, which has been sold throughout the USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.

DubSat is a project that AAV has undertaken in conjunction with its DubSat Consortium partners for the digital transmission of commercial dubs via satellite directly to the 40 or so television stations around Australia. The DubSat project was conceived by AAV over a 5 year period and the R&D part is being wholly developed at AAV.

Patented in 1997, AAV AirServer is a digital inflight entertainment system designed to replace the current tape based technologies. AirServer has been designed for short haul airlines and provides many of the benefits of the sophisticated Video On Demand (VOD) systems at a fraction of the cost.

AAV Australia
Head Office: 180 Bank Street,
South Melbourne, Victoria 3205 Australia
Tel: (613) 9251-1844
Fax: (613) 9699-8111

Digital Pictures, Sydney

Overseas users in the multimedia industry:

AMT Video Production and Post Production
Frame By Frame Productions
Light and Motion
CINAR Films Inc.
123India Movies and Film : Companies : Business and Economy

Resource Library & News:

HollyNet at USC: Incorporates the Entertainment Technology Centre and many other interesting things. Can be slow at times.
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: The Academy's official Web site. Contains information about the Academy itself, the programs it offers, and current information about the up-coming Academy Awards.
Pacific Film and Television Commission (Australia): Provides info in the Commission's guidelines and incentives for off-shore productions to shoot in Queensland, Australia.
Australian Media Facilities Directory: A comprehensive list of film, TV, radio advertising and other media facilities in Australia. Crew, organisations, production facilities, rental companies etc.
Producer's Master Guide: Producer's Masterguide is the exclusive international production manual for film, broadcast-television, commercials, videotape and cable industries for the past 16 years. Its an invaluable reference tool in all phases of production - consulted by top industry professionals.
EntertaiNet: A site that provides contact information for many individuals, companies and service providers for the entertainment industry.
Cineweb: A comprehensive production-orientated site. Crew lists, locations guides, production info and more.
Frequently Asked Questions About Closed Captioning
The Video Editor's Bookstore
Sohonet Limited: On broadband-guide!!
Ind. Filmmakers Resource Guide: Maintained by Mike Vidal. Wealth of info for east coast USA independents.
HollyWeb Online: Contains daily studio briefing, hot weekly grosses, all-time top 50 grossing films, and heaps of other links and info.
Sundance Institute Online: Robert Redford's Sundance Institute has joined the Net. Information for independent production (and on-line shopping from Cybermart)
Director's Guild of America: The DGA's official Web site. Contains information about DGA policy, membership, Awards, and the Guild itself.
Newspage Variety Magazine Pages: Contains articles and reports from one of Hollywood's most respected trades.
CinemaScape Australia: Information on the Australian production industry.
ShowData: A one stop information source on and for the South African film industry.
Performing Arts Data Service: PADS collects and promotes the use of digital data resources to support research and teaching in the performing arts.
Screen Network Australia: a gateway to Australian film and television on the internet.

Products & Services:

Dubsat: Information on satellite delivery of digital material.
Telstra Bigpond Cable
Eastman Kodak: Kodak's WWW information server. Contains info about Kodak products, releases, and policies.
Silicon Studio: Silicon Graphics entertainment technology home page.
Trickle-Down Video
Micro Media, Digital Video, Fast Electronics, Pinnacle, Artel, Image North
Sony Pictures High Definition Home Page
How the television got its shape (a fable)
AVID online
IFTN Facilities
The Wright Touch Film & Video Productions
Silicon Graphics Fans the FLAMEs of Soho's Digital Revolution
Digital Video Resources Online
American Film Institute : Cinemedia
HyperMedia Studio
Animation and Interactive Multimedia at RMIT's Department of Visual Communication

Technology News

CyberStar and Wavelength Bring Film Distribution to The Digital Age: Press release
Abrupt Edge Film and Video Resources

Channel 6000: Production Costs Down, Movie Prices Up
The Last Broadcast
Making movies together online


Usenet contains some valuable discussion groups for filmmakers. Some news groups where you will find people with similar interests are:

rec.arts.movies.production: For filmmakers and students to discuss the various aspects of filmmaking and share information. For video/TV makers and students to discuss the various aspects of video production and share information.
rec.arts.movies.announce: Movie announcements, celebrity news, award & festival news, official box-office charts, and other news-worthy info. For those interested in the technical aspects of movies but are not actually production personnel themselves. Kind of cross-over with RAMP.
rec.arts.movies.people: Discussions and gossip about people who are in the movie business. Actors, Directors, writers, composers, etc.
rec.arts.movies.current-films: For discussion of current and soon-to-be released films.
rec.arts.movies.past-films: For discussion of films more that are not currently or soon-to-be in release.
rec.arts.movies.list+surveys: For presentation and discussion of "Top-N" lists over various movie subjects. For discussion of movie-going culture, and movie-going in general.
rec.arts.movies.misc: For discussion of any miscellaneous movie topics which do not fit into any of the other rec.arts.movies.* news groups. For discussion of films in Australia. Film list server.
bit.listserv.cinema: Cinema List server.
misc.writing.screenplays: For screenwriters and other interested people to discuss all aspects of writing for the screen.
alt.movies.independent: A group for independent filmmakers and the discussion of independent films and filmmaking.
alt.movies.visual-effects: For the discussion of the process, creation, execution and results of visual effects in movies of all kinds.
alt.movies.cinematography: A forum for professional cinematographers and other interested parties to dicuss their art.

Discussion Groups:

VideoTalk: A forum on digital video libraries including a comprehensive list of links, products, statistics and resources.
Haxan Films Discussion Board


The Computer Society: Lots of conference procedings and lists of upcoming conferences.
The IEEE Communications Society Conferences: Extensive list of IEEE conferences
Montreux99: A conference on television's transition to the all-digital era.
SMTP '99
IBC On-line 99: Conference tackling business issues.
The Convergence Marketplace
CTIE's 1999 Conference
Interactive Distance Learning Conference

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