The principal aim of the Monash University Faculty of Engineering VRRF Initiative was to establish a multi-user test range for an embryonic small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) establishing themselves in the Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle (UAVs) industry.

Monash recognised several years ago that these enterprises would have difficulty in obtaining the capital to establish the necessary test facilities for this new ICT industry sector.

While Monash was able to provide support from its main engineering research facilities at Clayton, government funding was critical to the establishment of the test range itself at Port Welshpool.

It is now widely recognised that the UAV industry will represent a significant proportion of the aviation industry market. While much of this initiallly will be for militiary purposes the spin offs into civilian use are likely to grow quickly.

References to UAV industry growth include those that may be found under:

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority is taking a leading role in establishing operating procedures and training for UAVs.

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